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This proposal aims to study a problem of greater relevance that the pierre auger observatory (pao) has: to provide knowledge about the composition of cosmic rays, in the range between 1017.5 ev and 1019 ev. the data obtained with the pao, operational since 2004 and completed in 2008, have led to a series of important advances in the field of ultra-high energy cosmic rays. can be mentioned as the most relevant results that: i) was established unequivocally the suppression of the flow at higher energies, ~ 4 x 1019 ev ii) it was demonstrated that the processes "top-down" (produced by the decay of super particles) -weighted) can not account for an important part of the flow due to the limits established for photons and measured neutrinos,and iii) it was found that the distribution of the arrival directions of the particles with energies higher than 5.5 x 1019 ev is not compatible with what is expected by an isotropic flow.


The general objective of this proposal is one of the most relevant objectives for the pierre auger observatory: to provide knowledge about the composition of cosmic rays, in the interval between 10 (17.5) ev and 10 (19) ev.

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, accepted. conference. the proposal in this project has not been developed before, therefore the results obtained will have a good impact on the cosmic ray community. the results can give a solution to a question in cosmic rays of years ago, and also show the internal structure of a volcano of great interest.
Effective start/end date5/07/1612/07/18


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