Perspectives of application of defined networks in software to improve the performance and security of big data applications in the context of the internet of things

  • Gutiérrez Betancur, Sergio Armando (PI)

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This project explores the applicability of the paradigm of networks defined in software to big data applications in the context of iot.recent works in the literature suggest that the combination of these two technologies can introduce benefits in terms of improving the performance of big data applications and also facilitate the development of solutions that address problems such as security and privacy of this type of applications. it is then proposed to study and identify the challenges


Explore the integration of the sdn paradigm as a network management strategy in order to improve the performance and security of a big data application in the context of lot and validate this integration by developing and deploying an sdn solution in a controlled environment
Short titleDetección de anomalías
AcronymDetección de anomalías
Effective start/end date15/01/196/06/22


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