Perspectives and challenges for the efficiency of transitional justice in colombia

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Through this project, and interpreting the social duties that should be an essential component of the curricula and of the educational exercise of the universities, the group of investigations in procedural law of the university of medellin, seeks to contribute to construct a theoretical scenario that allows to analyze the impact of transitional justice on the social, political and legal dynamics of the country, based on human rights standards, which international organizations such as the international criminal court, the inter-american court of human rights, and the international criminal tribunals have developed to apply mechanisms of prosecution in the framework of internal armed conflicts.


Establish perspectives and challenges for the efficiency of transitional justice in colombia.

Expected results

With the results of the results achieved with the research, it will be in a position to propose a norm of social regulation, which through the legislative process is projected as an ideal mechanism for an efficient transitional justice. this research project differs from the others in that it has a perspective of transitional justice that takes into account historical, legal and political elements that make compatible the rights of victims, the need to grant minimum judicial guarantees for combatants and also the application of universal and regional human rights standards. the aim is to generate a transitional trial scheme whose application is generic and not sectoral, which takes into account the nature of the armed actors and their guarantees for the acceptance of responsibility,that ensures the rights of victims to be guaranteed under parameters of equality, because they are conduct that regardless of their perpetrators constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, sanctioned by the rome statute and by additional protocol ii to the geneva conventions of 1949.
Effective start/end date9/02/1630/01/18


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