Conceptual accuracy in the framework of sexual health

  • Tamayo Acevedo, Mónica Isabel (PI)

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Through this project it will be possible to access the harmonized basic concepts that experts in the area of ??sexual health determine from the facets that include the classification of forms of sexual violence, rights to sexual diversity, construction of peace, forms of symbolic reparation of collective damages and individuals, reconstruction of memory, determination of reconciliation processes and social inclusion. in theory it is presumed that intellectual production and the constant manipulation of knowledge in different areas of knowledge, provides a selection and adequate conceptual management of the information of this specialized area by specialists.however, when terminologically analyzing this information in publications of high scientific value, in some cases opacity and conceptual mismatches are perceived, generating inaccuracies and even a misinterpretation of the meaning of information, both in the mother tongue and in foreign languages. of exchange of information with academic peers, as well as from the governmental level and organizations or agencies for the protection of victims at a national or international level.


Specify the terminology (concepts, definitions, representations, denominations and conceptual systems) of the field of sexual health, according to predetermined facets, their equivalents in english in context, of constant use in the communication of all the actors involved in the context of sexual violence of the colombian conflict, which will serve as the basis for achieving a conceptual harmonization for all processes that are related to sexual health and the post-conflict.

Expected results

-precision of a macro conceptual system of research-on sexual health that includes the predetermined facets of it. -storage of the conceptual information obtained, according to the colterm-format that allows the creation of the terminology database -creat
Effective start/end date31/03/1731/03/20


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