"present and future of social democracy in europe and latin america: an analysis through the study of politics, communication, discourse and language"

  • Juárez Rodríguez, Javier Valeriano (PI)
  • Botero Escobar, Nora (CoI)
  • Restrepo Echavarría, Nestor Julian (CoI)
  • Tajahuerce Ángel, Isabel (CoI)
  • Cañola Gómez, Juan Diego (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))

Project Details


Through this project we will open a space for analysis, reflection and debate on the role of social democracy and its validity, as an alternative to the economic and social policies proposed by neoliberalism. the research will deepen the importance of the role of communication, focusing its analysis on the speeches, proposals and language used by advocates and political theorists and / or representatives of a system, social democracy, which goes through moments of debate and uncertainty.


Analyze the situation through which social democracy in europe and latin america is going through the study of the role of communication, discourse and language used by politicians and theorists who defend this system as an alternative to neoliberalism, focusing our analysis on the cases of spain and colombia, applying, in addition, an analytical work with a gender perspective to emphasize the proposals and policies developed in pursuit of equity, inclusion and the fight against sexist terrorism.

Expected results

Articles isi wos or scopus, accepted, writing of book / essay or chapter of book on the reflections and the results of the investigation.international forum on communication and politics: an analysis of the colombian and spanish models. at least three research articles published in isi wos or scopus magazine. organization of an international forum in madrid and medellin to present the work. this is a commitment to the internationalization of our faculty; through this investigation, we deepen our commitment to research and, at the same time, strengthen internationalization ties with a prestigious institution such as the ucm, with an attractive, novel and highly interesting proposal that links politics, communication and society, establishing its analysis in the cases of colombia and spain.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/01/19


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