Production and characterization of a metric nitride of transition between aun, run or ren by papvd systems

  • Quintero Orozco, Jorge Hernán (PI)

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In the field of materials science the world of coatings rapidly grows, since these can improve physical and chemical properties of the surface of a material. in recent years, a new family of transitional metallic nitrides of the 4d and 5d series is being studied from the synthesis of ptn, run and aun.physical or chemical properties of this new family can become very attractive for new technological applications in the electronics industry and cutting tools. due to different works that have arisen in the production of the aun, run or ren, the possibility of modifying the growth variables is opened, in order to study properties that can be used in the industry. in this project, aun, run or ren films will be produced by means of a papvd system (pulsed arc or sputtering).experimental conditions such as: power at the time of discharge, interelectrodic distance, nitrogen pressure, substrate, will be varied, to study the relationship found with the stoichiometry and the morphological and structural properties of the coatings. the objective is to find the experimental conditions that allow to deposit thin films of these materials. x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (xps), scanning electron microscopy (sem), x-ray diffraction (xrd) and atomic force microscopy (afm) will be used to study thin films from the chemical and morphological points.


Synthesize a transitional metallic nitride between aun, run or ren by a papvd system and correlate its structural, morphological, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

Expected results

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Effective start/end date1/08/1730/07/19


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