Propagation of climatic intermittence to some aspects of biodiversity, agriculture and electricity generation in Antioquia

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Solar radiation and rain are intermittent by nature. These two phenomena provide energy and water to the territory, two fundamental ingredients for processes such as the hydrological cycle, biogeochemical cycles, the use of natural resources (eg agriculture, drinking water, electricity) or the occurrence of extreme events potentially threatening to communities. (eg landslides, floods, fires, droughts). The territory of Antioquia is highly diverse in environmental terms, including ecosystem A, ecosystem B, and urban centers of various sizes. In this territory, bananas, coffee, flowers, cocoa, wood, and open-air animal farms are produced, and XX% of Colombia's hydroelectric generation. Photovoltaic generation potential blah, blah… There are three main scales of hydroclimatic variability in Antioquia, intradaily, seasonal, and interannual. In all three scales, gusts occur, that is, periods during which one or more variables remain in certain conditions; These conditions can be desirable or undesirable depending on their environmental and socioeconomic consequences. In short, the variability of climatic inputs in the region is both a driver and a threat to the natural environment as well as to socioeconomic activities. This proposal proposes to characterize the intermittence of hourly solar radiation and daily precipitation over the Antioquia territory and to evaluate its effects on the resilience of some strategic ecosystems and on the reliability of photovoltaic generation.


Evaluate the intermittency of solar radiation and precipitation and some of its effects on biodiversity and the economy in Antioquia.

Expected results

Two (2) technical and financial reports One (1) promotional "home" video of project progress, lasting no more than 5 minutes every six months Presentation of the progress in a socialization seminar for the community. Seven (7) products of new knowledge in journals indexed in Publindex, ISI or SCOPUS at least in the status of “accepted for publication”. Three (3) products of Social appropriation of knowledge or Public dissemination of science: a. One (1) process of Social Appropriation of Knowledge resulting from the joint work between a Science Center and a research group. b. One (1) process of Social Appropriation of Knowledge for the generation of public policy inputs and regulations. c. One (1) process of Social Appropriation of Knowledge for the strengthening of productive chains. One (1) science dissemination product. Training linkage of five undergraduate students (3 EIA, 2 UdeM), four (4) students of master's degree (2 UN, 1 UdeM, 1 EIA) and one (1) doctoral student (1 UN). Completed training of 9 undergraduate students (4 UN, 2 UdeM, 3 EIA) and one (1) master's student ( 1 ESC).
AcronymPropagación intermitencia climática
Effective start/end date3/12/213/12/23


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