SAFEWATER-Sustainability evaluation for the Mark III water treatment system in rural communities through the LCA methodology.

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This research proposal, within the framework of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) proposes to evaluate the sustainability of the development and implementation of a water purification system (Mark III) in rural communities in the department of Antioquia, through the methodology of stroke; For this, the following actions are proposed: identify the resources consumed and emissions generated during the construction of the system; evaluate the environmental impacts generated following the process of classification, normalization and weighting; estimate the cost of the life cycle of the system as a basis for knowing the economic viability for its use, and finally, identify the activity and/or stage that generates the most impact in the implementation of the system in the communities, as well as the social benefits of the system. same.


Evaluate the sustainability for the Mark III drinking water treatment system in rural communities of the department of Antioquia through the LCA methodology.

Expected results

Un (1) Artículo ISI WOS o Scopus, aceptado, Un (1) tesis de Maestría y Un (1) Seminario de socialización de resultados

Key findings

One (1) ISI WOS or Scopus Article, accepted, One (1) Master's thesis and One (1) Results socialization seminar
AcronymSafewater metodología ACV
Effective start/end date1/02/2115/12/22


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