Food security and right to food in post-conflict scenarios. analysis, to determine public policy standards, according to the comprehensive agrarian development policy - achieved between the national government of colombia and the farc-ep, at the havana negotiation table

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The research project focuses on the colombian internal conflict and recommendations for san policies in the peace negotiations. reference is made to the current colombian peace process and the peace negotiation table in havana. the proposal of standards will be made in the form of normative prescriptions, both political and legal, that are considered as minimum to be taken into account in scenarios of post-conflict and peace building, on food security and the right to food.


Analyze the elements to be included in the construction of a public food policy in colombia in the context of post-conflict in the framework of the agreements reached at the negotiating table in havana

Expected results

Article, chapter of book and presentation in scientific event
Effective start/end date1/04/1630/10/16


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