Hybrid simulations of turbulence in the solar wind

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Turbulence is a very common phenomenon in astrophysical plasmas where it plays a key role in phenomena such as mass transport, energy dissipation and heating of particles. unlike neutral fluids, where energy dissipation occurs through viscous effects from microscopic collisions between particles, most spatial plasmas are little collisional. in this way, the relevant interactions are those between the charged particles and the electromagnetic fields.


Perform hybrid simulations of the turbulence in solar wind type plasmas in order to find channels of the kinetic dissipation of the turbulence in small scales of length of the order of the characteristic lengths associated with the protons. this problem is open in astrophysics and its solution allows to understand the processes that mediate solar wind heating.

Expected results

In this research it is not expected to obtain technology transfer products or similar since this is a research corresponding to the study of a fundamental physical phenomenon that applies physical laws in order to explain phenomena not understood until now that aim to move the frontier of scientific knowledge in the area but does not intend to generate potential products to be transferred technologically. the direct users of the results of this project will be the specialized scientific community and the project will be a contribution to the understanding of the universe and astrophysics as a contribution to the improvement of the quality of life and survival of the human race.
Effective start/end date26/01/1630/01/18


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