Charging system for two-wheeled vehicles outside the vives building of the university of medellín

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The automotive sector is constantly growing. the mobility of cities is one of the critical issues to be resolved, not only because of the increase in travel times caused by high congestion, but also because of the increased emission of pollutants into the atmosphere by mobile sources. measures that mitigate, above all, the emissions to the atmosphere have been adopted, within them is the exemption of peak and plate for gas, hybrid and electric vehicles. at the university of medellín, students, professors or other assigned personnel do not have charging stations for electric vehicles in general, where bicycles and electric motorcycles are the most common. knowing that the vives building is one of the sustainability bets of the university of medellín, and aligned with the policies outlined by campus vivo, the design and construction of the charging system for two-wheeled vehicles (bicycles and skateboards) is proposed in the exterior of the vives building of the university of medellín, which can serve as a starting point or pilot test for more systems of this type to be implemented at the university.


Design and build a functional prototype of a two-wheel electric vehicle charging station with electronic identification and activation system for charging with the university card

Expected results

Prototype and registration of industrial designs
Effective start/end date15/07/1930/07/21


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