Monitoring system for a bioreactor for the cultivation of spirulina platensis in dairy waters

  • Cardona Rendón, Lorena (PI)

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The design of a monitoring system for a bubbling column bioreactor for the cultivation of the spirulina platensis microalgae in dairy waters allows to generate production processes that include the generation of biomass in an efficient way and thereby reduce production costs.the selected species (s. platensis) has a good level of adaptation to extreme crop conditions, such as the conditions of high osmotic pressure and high organic load, which characterize the milk waters. using wastewater as a culture medium helps further mitigate production costs and obtain bioactive substances of interest. the implementation of a system for the constant monitoring of the conditions of the crop would greatly facilitate the production of s. platensis, since it would provide the necessary information for the correct management of the crop and an adequate operation of the treatment of the milk waters.


Design a monitoring system for the cultivation of spirulina platensis with dairy wastewater in a bubbling column bioreactor to analyze the behavior of the treatment

Expected results

The purpose of the action to be developed within the microalgae project is to increase both scientific knowledge and the development and technological transfer in aspects related to the cultivation of microalgae. the design and construction of the necessary elements for the monitoring of the bioreactor variables require knowledge of the bioreactor's needs and its specific operation, as well as the electronic circuits involved in the measurement short, the aim is to promote a great initiative for the development of algae farming systems for the purpose of valorising the waters to be treated, such as the milk wastewater.
Effective start/end date16/01/1830/01/19


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