"co-creation techniques for the development of a transmedia system among communication students from the university of medellin and the complutense university of madrid".

  • Pinto Arboleda, María Cristina (PI)
  • Zapata Cárdenas, María Isabel (CoI)
  • Giraldo Ramírez, Jhony Alejandro (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Tobón Gálvez, Daniel (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Castañeda Garzón, Ingrith Yulei (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))

Project Details


The dynamics of transformation in vocational training must respond to the different changes proposed in a context marked by the challenges that in the communication training are determined among other aspects, by society digital, collaborative environments for product generation, and local reality which is blurred and reconfigured from global space. understanding these transformations, we present this proposal as a work exercise between communication faculties of colombia and spain where through the generation of creative products, researchers-teachers seek to explore work techniques pedagogical that respond to the challenges of society where students go to develop as professionals. the proposal responds to the investigative experience carried out by the integrating researchers, on topics such as: the work of the audiovisual / digital ethnographic auto type with students, and the digital narratives in their production stages and in their analysis as a cultural product. on the other hand, the selected theme of cultural significance of the spaces was selected as a relevant topic of reflection and analysis for the theoretical foundation in the area of ??communication.


General: generate among students, belonging to the communication programs of the university of medellín and the complutense of madrid,

Expected results

Un (1) artículo isi wos or scopus aprobado, un (1) artículo isi wos or scopus sometido, un (1) capítulo de libro, un (1) desarrollo tecnológico (producto de investigación creación) participación en jornadas de investigación, forum of investigador.
Effective start/end date15/01/1911/12/20


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