Units of entrepreneurship based on sustainable tourism in communes 8 and 9 of medellín

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In recent years, the city of medellín has experienced an urban and social transformation recognized worldwide through the city of the year award to the most innovative city, not for its technology but for urban development based on social participation, alliance between public and private, the promotion of entrepreneurship and culture among others, which has favored the city in economic and social development, according to the tourism development plan framed in competitiveness, sustainability and the social dimension of tourism, pillars for the development of a city.


Propose strategies for the sustainable development of tourism activity in communes 8 and 9 of the municipality of medellín, based on real estate cultural heritage, new infrastructures and urban equipment. make visible the tourism potential to suggest proposals for the development of the eastern center of medellin, through a register of cultural and natural assets, as well as urban facilities in commune 8 and 9, according to the methodology of the ministry of commerce, industry and tourism; which in turn to the respective diagnosis of the sector. design proposals according to the previous objective, which are coherent to the development plans, where the new infrastructure, the existing urban equipment and the vocation of the respective communes are potentialized.promote tourism potentials for local development, through the dissemination and socialization of the product under investigation.

Expected results

An article in a national or international scientific journal indexed by colciencias. isi / scopus. design of tourist routes. training of undergraduate students in tourism business administration. visibility of the group and the institution. learning achieved with the completion of the project. the proposal differs from others since the study is rigorous from the existing scenarios in the territory, in addition the products offered are novel. potential assets have an advantage over existing ones, since they will directly impact the local population, and the dissemination of the study will have an international impact. integration of the proposal with city issues according to the territorial planning plan of medellín. publicize the project to public entities such as the council of medellín,the edu urban development company and the tourism undersecretary.
Effective start/end date5/07/1620/07/17


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