Valuation of energy investment project in the context of cycles and economic trends of the energy market

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The reform to the colombian energy market in force in the last 20 years aims to offer a continuous and reliable service. however, the high dependence on hydroelectric generation and the expectations of a severe drought put at risk the fulfillment of this objective. uncertainty about future results has a significant impact on the investment prospects that enable the diversification of the energy matrix, as well as the long-term sustainability of energy insurance. among the mechanisms that are considered for the valuation of new projects and regulatory reforms, the interest to study the short and long term behavior of the price of energy is highlighted, as a key factor in the determination of income flows in projects investment.


Evaluate an energy investment project considering economic cycles and trends in the colombian energy market, through the application of hodrick-presctor and the band-pass filter for different sources of uncertainty

Expected results

In the future the application can be developed in the registry of a software. it is a novel proposal in the valuation of energy investment projects considering theoretical tools of actuarial, finance and economics. this development will contribute to the development of the energy cluster through business strengthening
Effective start/end date26/01/1630/06/17


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