Determination of laminar burning velocity of methane/air flames in sub atmospheric environments

Arley Cardona Vargas, Carlos E. Arrieta, Hernando Alexander Yepes Tumay, Camilo Echeverri-Uribe, Andrés Amell

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The global energy demand enhances the environmental and operational benefits of natural gas as an energy alternative, due to its composition, mainly methane (CH4), it has low polluting emissions and benefits in energy and combustion systems. In the present work, the laminar burning velocity of methane was determined numerically and experimentally at two pressure conditions, 0.85 atm and 0.98 atm, corresponding to the city of Medellín and Caucasia, respectively, located in Colombia. The environmental conditions were 0.85 atm, 0.98 atm, and 295 ± 1 K. The simulations and experimental measurements were carried out for different equivalence relations. Experimental laminar burning velocities were determined using the burner method and spontaneous chemiluminescence technique, flames were generated using burners with contoured rectangular ports to maintain laminar Reynolds numbers for the equivalence ratios under study and to reduce the effects of stretch and curvature in the direction of the burner’s axis. In general, the laminar burning velocity fits well with the numerical results. With the results obtained, a correlation is proposed that relates the laminar burning velocity with the effects of pressure, in the form SL = aPb, where a and b are model constants. Sensitivity analysis was performed using the GRI-Mech 3.0 mechanism which showed that the most sensitive reaction was H+O2 = O+OH (R38). Additionally, it was found that the reactions H+CH3 (+M) = CH4 (+M) (R52), 2CH3 (+M) = C2H6 (+M) (R158), and O+CH3 = H+CH2O (R10) dominate the consumption of CH3 which is an important radical in the oxidation of methane, this analysis is carried out for equivalence ratios of 0.8 and 1.0, and atmospheric pressures of 0.85 atm and 0.98 atm.

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PublicaciónEUREKA, Physics and Engineering
EstadoPublicada - 2021


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